Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a government agency that investigates crimes and helps to protect the public. The FIA has many jobs available, including investigator, detective, and prosecutor. If you are interested in joining the FIA, check out the website or visit an application center to learn more about the requirements for each position.

Explore Federal Investigation Agency Jobs in Pakistan

Do you want to work in a high-pressure, challenging and exciting environment? If the answer is yes, then Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) might be your right career option. The agency is responsible for conducting investigations into crimes that have been committed by government officials or members of the military.

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What is the Federal Investigation Agency?

The Federal Investigation Agency, abbreviated FIA, is Pakistan’s national law enforcement agency. It was established in 1988 due to the merger of the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Investigation Department. As of 2011, it had a staff of 5,000 officers. The FIA investigates terrorism, financial crime, corruption, and organized crime.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a federal law enforcement agency in Pakistan. It was established on October 1, 2002, by the National Assembly of Pakistan through the Federal Investigation Authority Ordinance 2002. FIA is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior. 

The FIA’s mission is to “protect and promote Pakistan’s sovereignty, security, integrity and impartiality.” Activities undertaken by the FIA include investigations into terrorist activities, organized crime, corruption, money laundering and cybercrime. The agency also provides support to other law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. 

The FIA employs approximately 1,000 personnel. The majority of these employees are police officers who have undergone specialized training in investigation techniques. In addition to police officers, the agency employs experts in forensic science, intelligence gathering and computer technology. 

Applicants for positions with the FIA must have a university degree in law or a related field and pass an entrance examination. Employees with criminal records will not be accepted into the agency. 

Jobs with the FIA can be found in both Islamabad and Karachi provinces. Positions available include detective officer, assistant director general (A.D.G.), deputy inspector general (D.I.G.), inspector general (IG), chief superintendent of police (CSP), superintendent of police (SP), sub-inspector (SI), head constable (HC) and constable (CP). Salaries vary depending on position and experience.

Types of Jobs Available at the Federal Investigation Agency

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is Pakistan’s premier law enforcement agency. It was founded in 1970 and is responsible for investigating alleged crimes within the country and protecting Pakistan’s national interests. FIA employs many officers, including detectives, intelligence analysts, forensic scientists, and criminal investigators.

There are several different types of jobs available at the FIA. Some of the most common positions include detectives, intelligence analysts, criminal investigators, and forensic scientists. Detective positions typically involve investigating crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, and arson. Intelligence analysts are responsible for collecting information on potential threats to Pakistan’s security and analyzing that information to develop strategies for combating those threats. Criminal investigators work primarily in cases involving organized crime or corruption. Forensic scientists specialize in various fields of science related to criminal investigations, such as fingerprinting and ballistics analysis.

If you’re interested in working at the FIA, you’ll need a degree from an accredited university in either law or another relevant field. You’ll also need to pass a strict screening process that includes written and oral tests. Once you’ve completed the screening process, you’ll be allowed to interview officials at the agency. If you’re selected for an interview, you’ll need to submit additional paperwork, including your resume and letters of recommendation. After your application has been processed and approved by officials at the FIA, you’ll be placed on staff and begin working on your caseload.

Selection Process for F.I.A. Jobs

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is one of the premier intelligence agencies in Pakistan, and it employs a wide range of professionals, including lawyers, analysts, and investigative officers. The selection process for FIA jobs is rigorous, and applicants are typically required to have a law degree or equivalent experience in investigative work.

Applicants must also have excellent writing skills, as many FIA jobs require writing reports and research papers. In addition, candidates must handle stress well and work under pressure. Finally, applicants must demonstrate strong problem-solving skills and a commitment to public service.

Training Requirements for F.I.A. Jobs

A great deal of training is typically required for Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) jobs, especially if you want to pursue a career as a federal agent. To become a federal agent, you must have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or law enforcement from an accredited college or university. Additionally, you will need to complete the FIA’s Basic Investigation Course and the Advanced Investigative Course.

The Basic Investigation Course covers investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and conducting surveillance operations. The Advanced Investigative Course focuses on more advanced investigative techniques, such as electronic crime and financial investigations. You will also need to pass the FIA’s polygraph examination and undergo a background check.

How to Apply for a Job at the Federal Investigation Agency

Federal Investigation Agency is one of the top federal agencies in Pakistan. The agency is responsible for investigating cases of crime and corruption. The agency also provides security to Pakistan’s federal government officials. 

To apply for a job at the Federal Investigation Agency, you must first visit the website and create an account. After creating your account, you can submit your resume and application letter. You should also contact the agency if you have any questions about applying.

Salary and Benefits of a Job at the Federal Investigation Agency

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is one of Pakistan’s premier law enforcement and security agencies. The agency was established in 1988 to fight terrorism, organized crime, corruption, and other significant crimes. FIA employs around 2,000 officers across Karachi and Islamabad.

The salary for a job at FIA is competitive. Wages start at PKR 20,000 per month for entry-level positions and increase as experience and qualifications are acquired. Benefits include medical insurance, pension plans, and a variety of other perks. In addition to salary, many employees also receive bonuses based on performance reviews or goals reached.

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