Remote Software Engineer Jobs 2023

We at Turing are looking for Remote Software Engineer with excellent ability to develop software systems and execute various software programming initiatives. Find the best remote jobs in Pakistan and collaborate with top industry leaders while working with top Silicon Valley companies.


Remote software engineer

Job description:

Duties of Remote Software Engineer:

  • Participate in various programming processes to design, develop, document, review, test, analyze and release code
  • Use modern abstractions and frameworks to create high-quality code
  • Maintain close communication with product managers, designers and developers to create necessary software solutions
  • Participate in research, design, development and optimization of new and existing applications
  • Help with troubleshooting, bug fixing and documentation creation
  • Help the QA team revise software systems and applications to ensure high functionality

Job Requirements of Remote Software Engineer:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering (or equivalent experience)
  • More than 3 years of experience in software engineering (rare exceptions for highly qualified engineers)
  • Solid understanding of design, coding, debugging and testing practices
  • Good knowledge of web/mobile application development, networking, systems and security software engineering
  • Competent with fundamentals of computer science as well as data structures and algorithms
  • Fluency in English for effective communication
  • Availability to work with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones

Required skills:

  • Understanding of web stack, frameworks, libraries etc.
  • Knowledge of complex code bases and version control systems
  • Excellent knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Great team player and confident working without direct supervision

How do software engineers work remotely?

Can I be a software engineer remotely? One of the great benefits of working as a software engineer is the ability to work remotely. We can write code on our computers, push it to GitHub, and collaborate with collaborators online. Apps like Zoom and Slack allow software engineers to have meetings and talk to each other.

Can software engineers work full-time remotely?

Of all the careers, software engineering is one of the best for working from home. Working in remote software engineering is very possible if you have the right skill sets and equipment.

Can coding be done remotely?

If you enjoy being presented with a problem that you can solve, then a coding job might be perfect for you. Even better, many coding jobs can be done remotely—in fact, remote coding jobs were prevalent before the pandemic, both for full-time and freelance work.

How can remote work increase the productivity of software engineers?

Remote work allows software engineers to be more creative by taking the pressure off the office. This work model saves time and allows employees to complete more work in less time.

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